Monday, June 29, 2015

This Year

I don't know what it was that drove me to post after almost exactly a year. Maybe because there are a lot of new things happening and I wanted to share them, or maybe because I really miss the people I've connected with through this blog. One thing I know for sure is that I really miss talking to everyone. Anyway, I'm here now, and this is what happened this past year.


  • This spring semester, I finished my math minor! I've tossed around the idea of a possible double major, but it's still just an idea.
  • I've added an advertising minor.
  • I'm taking the GMAT this summer and will be applying for graduate school in the fall.
  • Campus involvement is my specialty. That's probably why I stopped blogging - my commitments begin around a month before the start of the semester, so July. Working 2 jobs in retail while preparing for school is a lot of work, and instead of making time to blog, I put it on the backburner. I really wish I hadn't.


  • I no longer work at The Limited (did you know I worked at The Limited?). I loved it, and I would love to be able to style people again.
  • I no longer work at Michaels, technically. After 4 long years, I will no longer be on the payroll. I could be, but I'm hardly ever home anymore, and it's not fair that I take hours away from others. I worked when I went home for holidays and such. Here's to new adventures and opportunities!
  • I am interning in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas! Right now, I'm working on a data science project. I never expected to be doing data science work, but it's very interesting.


  • I tried to microwave an egg this morning, and it exploded. Protip: don't microwave hard boiled eggs for more than 30 seconds at a time.
  • Since I'm interning in the DFW area, I have a studio apartment for the summer. It's small and not as chic as one you'd find in NYC, but I love it! 
  • I saw Jukebox the Ghost (my all-time favorite band) and Ingrid Michaelson live! A Summer Night Out Tour was my second concert. I can't believe it's taken me this long to start going to concerts.
  • I'm moving into a house next summer with 3 wonderful people! I'm excited to be off campus and in a real home.
  • I went to Cabo San Lucas this summer, and it was nothing short of amazing. Shout out to my best friend and her family for taking me.
  • I've been trying my hand at cooking lately. Quinoa and kale are my favorite staples right now.
  • I really want to upgrade my Nikon D5000 to a full frame DSLR. Endgame: the beautiful D750! I haven't really showcased any of my photography here, but I'm working on my portfolio (see below).
This year, I've been a lot better at remembering to take photos. My external hard drive is full of memories, and I've finally got a system to organize them all.

I would love to start blogging again, but I would have to change this blog's direction. I'm still passionate about personal style, but I feel jaded by posting the same things over and over again. I want to incorporate more lifestyle, photography, decor, and travel posts. When I first started blogging, I also invested a lot of time into advertising and doing those "1xx Things to Do to Succeed in Blogging!!!" rather than blogging about what I loved. Mistake #1! Write about what YOU love - Otherwise, why are you even writing?

I've purchased a domain ( - it's not done yet!) to be my professional portfolio and resume other than LinkedIn, and I can't decide if I want to link this blog or not. Another option would be to create a new blog under my domain, or rename Crazy Scarf Girl. On the pro side, it shows my personality, but on the con side, I feel like "crazy scarf girl" isn't the most professional vibe. My domain name is also hard to spell, so that's another factor to consider. I think my inner conflict is whether or not I care that Crazy Scarf Girl doesn't sound professional. If you don't like that I am a crazy scarf girl, then don't hire me, right? 

If I continue blogging, I will most definitely be converting to WordPress. I don't know why I thought Blogger's convenience would outweigh WordPress's functionality.

If you'd like to follow me where I update regularly, check out my Instagram (@emilykimhuynh) or Twitter (@emilykimhuynh).

Until next time,